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Notice No.04/2017-18 07/04/2017

Classes VI – X

Dear Parents,

This  is to notify that the following sports activities will be held in school from 2:45 p.m. to 3:45 p.m. on the days specified below :

Day                                       Activity                                                              Classes

Tuesday                               Aerobics                                                              VI – X

Wednesday                        Volleyball                                                            VI – X

                                             Table Tennis                                                       VI – VIII                          

                                                Yoga                                                                 VI – VIII

Thursday                             Football                                                             VI – X

                                              Skating                                                              VI – X

                                              Table Tennis                                                     IX – X

Should your daughter be interested in any of the above,  you are to fill up the following form and submit it to your daughter’s class teacher by Friday 7th April, 2017

Thank you,

Yours sincerely,




S. Bose



My daughter _______________________________________ of Class ____________  Section ________

will pursue ___________________________  from the academic session 2017-18.



                                                                                                                                                                                           Parent’s Signature

Notice No.03/2017-18 07/04/2017

Classes VI – VIII

Dear Parents,

This is to inform you that Club activities are compulsory from Classes VI – VIII.  Given below is the list of clubs  your ward may enroll in for the academic session 2017-18:-

        1. Book

        2. Science and Nature

        3. Photography

        4. Quiz

        5. Drama

        6. Adventure

        7. Computer

        8. Heritage

        9. Debate

        10. Elocution

Robotics  (To be conducted by ‘Fun Scholar’)

Kindly note that the ‘Robotics’ Club members will have to pay a membership fee of Rs.4800/- annually whereas the other clubs do not entail any subscription fee.

Thank you,

Yours sincerely,




S. Bose



Classes VI – VIII

Dear Parents,

                                                          Ref: Notice No.03/2017-18

You are requested to return the slip below to your daughter’s Class Teacher by 7th April, 2017.

Also please note that though your daughter’s choice will be considered, we do not want any particular club to be oversubscribed.  Therefore, she might have to enroll herself in a club other than her preferred ones :


My daughter __________________________________ of Class ____________ Section ___________

would like to opt for the following club:

Preference  1   ___________________________________

Preference  2   ___________________________________



                                                                                                                                                          Parent’s Signature

Notice No.02/2017–18 05/04/2017

Nursery – Class XII

Dear Parents,

This is to inform you, that all complaints sent to the school via letters or email regarding issues related to books & stationery delivered by Kydsmart are being followed up by the school and the problems are likely to be resolved soon.

We understand the inconvenience faced by you. However, we request all to kindly cooperate with us in getting the issues sorted out. 

Thank you,

S. Bose


Notice No.01/2017–18 04/04/2017

KG – Class V

Dear Parent,

Here is the menu for the month of April and May 2017. Please follow it from Monday, 10.04.2017.


MONDAY            -     ●    Vegetable Paratha OR Rava Idlis.  

                                    ●    Cucumber Sticks.

                                           *Recipe for Rava Idli is attached.

TUESDAY      -          ●    Pasta with Vegetables OR Cheese and Tomato Sandwich.

                                    ●    Aloo Chaat with Sprouts Salad.

WEDNESDAY-         ●    Vegetable Noodles OR Pav Bhaji.

                                    ●    Deseeded Dates.                                           

THURSDAY  -           ●    Poha with Vegetables OR Bread Pulao with Vegetables.

                                    ●    Cookies.

FRIDAY               -     ●    Vegetable Pulao OR Ajwain Poori with Paneer Sabji.

                                    ●    Any Seasonal Fruit.

Click here to download the Recipe for Rava Idli.


  • Nuts are healthy and may be added to your daughter’s tiffin every day.
  • Minimum oil should be used.
  • The quantity of the food packed should be appropriate to the appetite of your child.
  • A napkin must be brought daily to school.
  • Do not send packaged food items like chips and Kurkure. Home-made chips or popcorn are better substitutes.

Yours truly,

Mrs. M. Sengupta



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